Background and Role and Mission of the HoB


Thanks! for your interest in our site.

The HoB is a site to assist educators in learning and facilitating learning.

Relax, browse, take your time, explore, think, select, and hopefully the time you spend will be rewarded.

Information in the site may be used freely to facilitate learning that is not for profit. Any other use of the information for profit requires permission.

What's with the name?

I wanted a name that was intriguing and had a meaning related to the purpose of the web site. I thought of center, mall, central location, town center, market, wheel, spokes, support and they didn't seem to fit what I was seeking. I thought about learning, discovery, exploration, inquiry, and ferret. The idea of ferret intrigued me and I looked for synonyms and found hob. Its definitions include:

I am not sure how my meaning of HoB will evolve, but I am intrigued with the possibilities. The hub of the wheel, the center - a place to communicate ideas that are ferreted out of experiences with learning and facilitating learning. Other ideas of hobgoblins, elves, raising mischief, rustic countryman, clown, place to warm, and of course a nickname for Robert all offer intrigue.

Other Possible Acronyms



Dr. Robert Sweetland's notes
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