Picture books their story elements and quality characteristics

Quality characteristics of picture books

Resource for the elements of visual arts



Picture book evaluation check sheet

Reason or Explanation
Did the Illustration enhance the text?




Was the book appropriate for the theme?      
Was the style of the visual images appropriate for the theme?      
Was the language or structure appropriate for the theme and style?      
Was the way the characters visually represented appropriate and believable?      
Would you share it or recommend it?      
Are the illustrations artistically attractive?      
Do the illustrations add to the text?      
Did the illustrations help or hinder the visualization of the story?      
Were the illustrations more important or the text?      
Did the illustrations match your emotional reactions?      
Did the author satisfy a sense of completed story?      
Did the tesxt and illustrrations do the story justice or did it trivialize it?      
(add other criteria to rate as desired)      


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