Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson
Reading guide

Chapter 1 Jesse Oliver Aarons, Jr.

  1. Jess waited till his dad left before he.
  2. Jess's little sister of which he was very fond?
  3. What did Jess practice?
  4. What was Jess's goal?
  5. What month was it?
  6. When Jess was the best May Belle would tell dad and his dad would be.
  7. Dad was always tired because?
  8. What are Jess's four sisters.

  9. May Belle came to tell Jess.
  10. What was Jess good at ( not running)?
  11. Write two Similies and Metaphores.

Chapter 2 Leslie Burke

  1. Jess helped his mom can.
  2. Jess loved to.
  3. Jess's favorite teacher was.
  4. Describe Mrs. Edmunds.
  5. How did Jess feel about his dad?
  6. What did Jess want from his dad more than anything else?
  7. Why did Jess walk away from Leslie?
  8. Write what you think was the best sentence in the chapter.

Chapter 3 The Fastest Kid in the Fifth Grade

  1. Mr. Turner is the _________.
  2. Mrs. Myers is the __________.
  3. It was said that Mrs. Myers smiled only __________.
  4. Leslie was dressed __________.
  5. Jess was upset by what everyone said about Leslie. Why?
  6. Jess couldn't wait to __________.
  7. Jess settled the arguement by?
  8. Who won Jess's heat?
  9. Jess went up to Fulcher and Fulcher raised his fist, then walked away. Why?
  10. Why did Jess sit by May Belle?
  11. Explain what the author meant by saying "Lord, the girl had no notion
    of what you did and didn't do."
  12. Why doesn't Jess want to talk to Leslie now?

Chapter 4 Rulers of Terabithia

  1. Why wasn't running fun anymore?
  2. Jess was picked out of the dumps by seeing.
  3. Jess finally _______________ at Leslie and felt that was a new _____________ in his life that he _________________.
  4. Jess asked Leslie if she hated it here she said _________________.
    Then why was she here?
  5. Why did Jess write about football?
  6. At recess the girls teassed Leslie because __________________.
  7. Leslie sat in ___________________ seat on the bus.
  8. Leslie asked Jess to her house and got rid of May Belle by ______________________.
  9. Leslie decided they needed a __________________.
  10. They named it ___________________.

Chapter 5 The Giant Killers

  1. What did Janice Avery do to May Belle?
  2. How did they get even?
  3. What did Jess feel afterward?
  4. What did May Belle say.

Chapter 6 The coming of Prince Terrien

  1. Foundling?
  2. What's Prince Terrien.
  3. Why does Jess feel close to Leslie?
  4. What was Jess's best part of Christmas?
  5. Why did Jess try so hard to run the race cars?
  6. How does Jess's feelings for May Belle compare to his feelings for Leslie?
  7. How about his feelings for his other sisters?

Chapter 7 The Golden Room

  1. What did Jess need to make the magic come?
  2. Leslie said that P.T. stands.
  3. Leslie said parents needed to be.
  4. Terabithia for 2 of them wink like.
  5. Compare Leslies wink to.
  6. What two things could cause his friendship with Leslie to lessen?
  7. How did Jess feel about the gold room.
  8. Write a good sentence or two.

Chapter 8 Easter

  1. Write your own questions and answers.

Chapter 9 The Evil Spell

  1. What was the evil spell?
  2. What was it that Jess was afraid of?
  3. Jess didn't think Leslie would be afraid to do what?
  4. Jess felt he was born with out.
  5. Do you think everyone is afraid of something?

    Give an example.

Final Test Bridge to Teribithia


  1. ___ four sister
  2. ___
  3. ___
  4. ___
  5. ___ seventh grader stole twinkies
  6. ___ her twinkies were stolen
  7. ___ new fifth grader
  8. ___ christmas present
  9. ___ cow
  10. ___ Leslie's father
  11. ___ Leslie's mother
  12. ___ 5th grade teacher
  13. ___ sister Jess likes best
  14. ___ Jess's best friend
  15. ___ main character

  1. Brenda
  2. Bill
  3. May Belle
  4. Janice Avery
  5. Joyce Ann
  6. Barbie
  7. Miss Bessie
  8. Ellie
  9. Judy
  10. Mrs Myers
  11. Leslie
  12. Jess

Short answers

  1. What is the setting?
  2. Who is the main character?
  3. What is the plot?
  4. What is the theme?
  5. What are some of the symbols that the bridge symbolizes?

Summary of Bridge to Terabithia

Main : Jess

Minor : Leslie, May Belle, Janice Avery, Mom, Dad, Joyce Ann, teacher, Elley, Brenda, and classmates.

Plot : Story of a boy named Jess, who at the beginning of the story wants to win friendship by being the best. He is fearful of failure and thinks he is the only one in the world that is afraid of so many things. He discovers Leslie and learns that she can love him and look at plain ole Jess as a "King." He also learns that even high & might Janice Avery is scared of something. The Perfect day is when Jess discovers that not only Leslie can look on him as a King but Miss Edmonds can too. He then comes home to discover Leslie's death and discover the final most important discovery, to complete his growth, by acting as a King to everyone and treating others as Royalty. He than shows this by building a bridge to Terabithia and taking a Queen into the kingdom.

Theme: If you've had a kindness shown-pass it on. Are others ...

Setting: Farm near Washington-today Lork Creek

Climax: Build the Bridge and take May Belle to Terabithia



Dr. Robert Sweetland's notes
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