Joseph Bruchac

Picture Books
A Boy Called Slow, Philomel
Between Earth and Sky, Harcourt
Crazy Horse's Vision, Lee & Low
The Earth Under Sky Bear's Feet, Philomel
The First Strawberries, Dial Books
The Great Ball Game, Dial Books
How Chipmunk Got His Stripes,(with Jim Bruchac) Dial
Makiawisug: Gift of the Little People (with M.Fawcett) Little People
The Maple Thanksgiving, Celebration Press
Many Nations: An Alphabet of Native America, Troll
Squanto's Journey, Harcourt
The Story of the Milky Way (with G. Ross), Dial
13 Moons on Turtle's Back (with J. London) Philomel


Fiction & Non-Fiction
Arrow Over the Door, a novel, Dial
At Home on the Earth (with Jim Bruchac) Modern Curriculum
Bowman's Store, an autobiography Dial
Children of the Longhouse, a novel
Dawn Land, a novel, Fulcrum
Dog People, Native Dog Stories, Fulcrum
Eagle Song, a novel, Dial
The Heart of a Chief, Dial Books
Lasting Echoes: A History of Native America Harcourt
Long River, a novel, Fulcrum
Keepers of the Earth, (with M. Caduto), Fulcrum
Keepers of the Animals, (with M. Caduto), Fulcrum
Keepers of the Night,(with M. Caduto), Fulcrum
Keepers of Life, (with M. Caduto), Fulcrum
Native American Games & Stories (with Jim Bruchac) Fulcrum
Native American Gardening (with M. Caduto), Fulcrum
Native Wisdom, Harper
Roots of Survival: Storytelling & the Sacred, Fulcrum
Sacajawea, a novel, Harcourt
Seeing the Circle, Richard C. Owen
Seasons of the Circle, Bridgewater
Skeleton Man HarperCollins
Tell Me a Tale, a book about storytelling, Harcourt
The Trail of Tears, Random House
Turtle Meat and Other Stories, Holy Cow! Press
The Waters Between, a novel, New England
The Winter People, Dial Books


Collections of Traditional Stories
The Circle of Thanks, Bridgewater
The Faithful Hunter, Bowman Book
Flying With the Eagle, Bridgewater
The Girl Who Married The Moon (with G. Ross), Bridgewater
Heroes and Heroines, Monsters and Magic, The Crossing Press
Native American Stories, Fulcrum
Native American Animal Stories, Fulcrum Publishing
Native Plant Stories, Fulcrum
The Native American Sweat Lodge,The Crossing Press
Pushing Up the Sky: Seven Plays for Children, Dial
Return of the Sun, The Crossing Press
The Wind Eagle, Bowman Books
When the Chenoo Howls. Walker with Jim Bruchac


No Borders, Holy Cow! Press
Translators' Son, Cross Cultural Press


Audio Tapes
Abenaki Cultural Heritage, music & storytelling, Good Mind
Adirondack Tall Tales, with music by John Kirk, Good Mind
Alnobak (The Dawn Land Singers) Good Mind
Dawn Land (two tapes) Fulcrum Publishing
Gluskabe Stories, Yellow Moon Press
Iroquois Stories, Good Mind Records
Keepers of the Earth,(two tapes) Fulcrum Publishing
Keepers of the Animals,(two tapes) Fulcrum Publishing
Keepers of Life,(two tapes) Fulcrum Publishing


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