Eleven Birthdays - daily review &
ummary of cause and effect results


Wakes up

On the way to school:





Day 1
Anne Pinkelman

- Amanda is scarred, thinks somebody in her room, it was a Spongebob balloon. 
- Throws on jeans, favorite red T, and beaded necklace
- Kylie’s door open, enters, looks at Kylie’s diary, does not read it
- Goes downstairs and finds out her dad is sick

- Does not notice anything and sits in a seat by herself.
- Stephanie does not see her and sits with Ruby

- Stephanie said she decorated Amanda’s locker
- Locker will not open
so she is late to class and there is a pop quiz

- Finds janitor to fix locker
Stephanie, Emma, Tracey and Amanda share their lunch
- Amanda leaves lunch room and runs into six grade boy who forgot his assignment
- Amanda goes back to cafeteria and gets her birthday cupcake and candle

- Locker gets fixed
- Sees Leo crying in the guidance counselors office
- Goes to gymnastic tryouts and completely bombs
- Her dad is sick and cannot help out with her party

- Wears her itchy Dorothy costume
- Kylie dresses up as the Little Mermaid
- Dad D.J.’s but is sick and keeps coughing
- Stephanie ditches the party to go to Leo’s
- Amanda’s mom tells her that she was fired today
- Goes to bed disappointed

Day 2
Ashley Slavin

- Amanda wakes up and thinks her family is playing a joke on her

- Amanda is afraid to change anything she does, so she just goes along with the entire day, just as she did the day before


- She puts bandaids on her heels and realizes she must not be dreaming if her heels hurt from the shoes she was wearing the day before at her party
- She goes to bed depressed, hoping everything she just expereinced was a dream, even though she is pretty sure it wasn't

Day 3

Kelsee Katsampes

- See Sponge Bob and realizes that it is still her birthday
- Band-Aids are still on her heals from the day before
- Changes up the routine and tells her mom she is sick
like her dad.

- Her mom wonders how she could possibly know her dad is sick
- Amanda’s mom lets her stay home from school
- Cancels her party
- Amanda reads Kylie’s diary

- Stephanie calls from school to see if Amanda is okay
- Mrs. Grayson takes Amanda to the doctor
- Mrs. Grayson mentions a family feud between Amanda and Leo’s families


- Stephanie tells her that she made the gymnastic team and asks if she can go to Leo’s party

- Amanda eats pizza and watches movies with her family for her birthday
- Kylie and Amanda have a real conversation
- Amanda opens her presents, she gets a journal from Kylie and gift cards from her parents
- Amanda’s mom gets fired, but dose not tell Kylie this time.

Day 4
Thad Nixon

- Wakes up grumpy
- Remembers to take lunch

- Tells Kylie that Dustin will be sitting with Alyssa (admits to reading diary)
- Does not bother to look for Stephanie and Ruby
- Notices the duck shaped birthmark on the female bus driver

- Grabs the lollipop on the floor
- Leo’s actions are different from before
- Leo winks at Amanda
- Leo gets hall pass and leaves a note for Amanda (4th time birthday)

- Amanda talks with Leo
- Amanda and Leo figure out that they are both experiencing the same day
- Amanda states that they are still not friends
- Leo tells Amanda that he will sneak over after his party

- Gymnastic tryouts the same (still humiliating)
- Kylie upset and she is not wearing her costume
- Amanda tells her that she looks good in her costume (another mess up)
- Kylie didn’t ask Dustin to dance
- Dustin going to dance with Alyssa

- Mom is angry after the party and blames Amanda for sabotaging her presentation
- Kylie told mom that Amanda knew she had taken the homework instead and put the presentation in the garbage
- Leo comes to the door and is sent away because Amanda was in big trouble

Day 5
Chapter 12 and 13

Heidi Nollette

- Wake up: Happy to see Spongebob knowing mom and Kylie aren't mad at her anymore and she and Leo are in it together.

- Remembered to switch the posters/presentations. Kylie forgot her lunch, so Amanda grabbed both (Kylie didn't seem all that grateful).

- She sits with Stephanie on the bus

- Finds out Leo decorated her locker, not Stephanie.

- Amanda and Leo meet in the courtyard and talk about their fight and what they should do. - They plan to skip school the next day and decide that havinng a do-over could be fun.
- Leaving the courtyard, their peers see that they're friends and are whispering and staring



- Evening: not mentioned.

Day 6
Melisa Hemenway

- Sick again
- Convinced dad to call off Drs. Appt
- Canceled b-day party
- Empties piggy bank and gets gift cards
- Leo comes over, sneak out past sleeping dad


- Borrowed 2 scooters form the Schwartz’s garage
- Go out for breakfast tells waitress they won a contest
- Leo tells Stephanie not to call Amanda
- Go to poetry reading, Leo reads a poem for Amanda

- Lunch In the park, just Leo and Amanda - Hot dogs and Cokes

- Amanda tries out for the band
- Both get t-shirts
- Go to the Mall, get busted
- Mall cop can’t believe their names

- Take scooters back and apologize
- Amanda and Leo get into major trouble
- Amanda’s mom doesn’t get fired

Day 7
Cara Riese

- Amanda wakes up:
happy to see Sponge Bob
- Amanda hugs all of her family members
still wearing born to rock t-shirt
- Amanda looks for poem from Leo

- Lady bus driver (Angelina), almost too short to reach petals

- Receives a note from Leo in the locker
- Leo and Amanda pass notes back and forth in class trying not to get caught

No mention of lunch

- Leo and Amanda see hypnotist
- Leo and Amanda went to senior citizen center to find out about families

- Leo’s mom picks up Leo and Amanda
- Amanda had her party
- Amanda’s mom got fired
- Amanda throws costume away
- Amanda draws a chart of periodic table

Day 8

Karissa Rose Meyer

- Amanda wakes up: and realizes she forgot to keep the periodic table on her body the night before. So it is gone.

- Left her backpack at school, yet it is downstairs - bit scary.

-Decides to tell Stephine she will try out for gymnastics, so she can go to the Historical Museum.

- Guilty for forgetting the periodic table, purposely avoids Bee Boy. =
- Instead, overhears Leo with the guidance counselor.
- Hears Vinnie is picking on him, he has tried several different techniques to stop it, and none worked.



- After school, Leo's mom takes them go to the Historical Society. They e
- Enter raccoon. and a small woman

- Amanda recognizes duck birthmark

- Learns she drives her bus, in the mornings.

- Ask about their great-great grandparents and the feud.
- She explains some details, find she stole the journal, but claims she lost it in a fire.

- Don't feel found out much, but as leaving Amanda says see ya on the bus, tommorrow, and Angelina says, See ya then.

- Keeps Amanda awake for hours later that

Day 9
Chapter 19-20
Crystal Heithoff

- Periodic table is in sweatpants.

- Before leave-none

- Angelina isn't driving. Other guy usual bus driver

- Tackles Leo in hall
crowd forms
Stephanie asks what's going on

- Gives Bee Boy the periodic table

- Historical Society closed
sneak in Look Leo's gr-gr-grfather's journal
- Decide make a difference like g-g-gparents did

- Leo's mom takes Amanda home.

Day 10
Abby Thompson

-Pay extra close attention to what is going on around.  Amanda and Leo want to help as many people as they can.

- Amanda untwisted SpongeBob
- Brought Dad things for being sick,
- Switched Kylie and Mom’s posters, o
- Offers help to friends
- Shares her things with others.


- Amanda makes the gymnastics team.

- Instead of 8 kids showing up to her party 13 kids do as a result of her making the gymnastics team.
- Leo calls and Amanda’s party goes to Leo’s.
- Amanda finds out that Leo’s party was not all that he had made it to be when he told her about it.
- Amanda and Leo toast to each other like their grandparents did years before.


Day 11
Ashley Becvar

- Amanda throws alarm clock out the window
- Amanda makes periodic table for Bee Boy
- Amanda calls Leo – talk about why it is still their birthday after do all those good things and made up
- Amanda gives Her dad the get well bag again
- Amanda makes sure mom and Kylie get the right posters/presentations

- Amanda notices the bus driver is Angelina
- Amanda tells Ruby she is going to do great today in the gymnastics tryouts
- when everyone else gets off the bus Amanda stays on to talk with Angelina
- Amanda and Leo tell Angelina what happened, Ask why it didn’t work
- Amanda asks why Angelina never read the book
- Amanda finds out Angelina is the reason this is happening
- Amanda and Leo find pottery & plants from 5th birthday may be why what they tried didn’t work
-Amanda admits to throwing her plant out the window on their 10th birthday after she heard what Leo said


- Amanda notices only one minute late when they were more like a half hour late
- Amanda  gives Bee Boy science project
- Angelina told Her and Leo to do what comes naturally
- Amanda chooses to try out for band and realizes the results will be posted Monday so she may never know if she made it or not

- Amanda meets Leo and Angelina outside her bedroom window to find the broken pottery
- Amanda and Leo replant the pottery plant
- Amanda calls everyone and tells them to go straight to Leo’s party
- Amanda and Kylie discuss Kylie’s date for the prom (Lego boy)
- Amanda takes mom’s cell phone out of her pocketbook and hides it in the kitchen

At Leo’s (the party):
- Amanda talks to some kids she saw at band tryouts
- Amanda and Leo toast to their friendship

Changes from first day to final day along with possible cause:


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