Basal Evaluation

Basal Reading Program:



Are language arts emphasized not only during reading instruction but also in the content areas?

Is quality literature viewed as the driving force in this basal program?

Are reading and writing linked specifically as mutually supportive processes?

Is appealing, high-quality literat ure carefully selected for both the regular basal reader and the supplemental libraries?

Is quality literature emphasized f or independent or recreational reading?

Is there a multicultural focus?

Do lesson recommendations reflect the idea that reading is an interactive, constructive, and strategic process?  Do lessons give explicit attention to teaching decoding skills and strategies and comprehension strategies?Does instruction include use of authentic literature and prior knowledge in story preparation?Are thinking and problem solving abilities taught through literature?

Is cooperative and partner grouping encouraged?

Is assessment viewed as on-going a nd is it linked directly to instruction using a variety of informal and formal measures?

Is this basal reading program one that students can relate to?Is it interesting?

Does this basal reading program of fer the teacher components of Bloom’s Taxonomy in terms of questions and activities (knowledge through evaluation)?

Other Observations?