Phoney Wisdom of Phonetic Spelling?

Ennywun hurd of tha simpleefyd speling sosiutee? Its an orgunizashun dedeecayted to speling wurds fonetiklee, to mayk lyf eezia for yung peepul lurning to reed and for thoz who hav daily sex. I meen dyslexia. Or dislekseea. Woteva.

“Simplified Spelling Society” - Thay lak a littul currij, speling thair oan (own? oown, on?) naym that waay - witch iznt fonetik at orl. Maybee thay wurree ufraad peepul myt think them stupid rartha than ded radikul. Ennyway, thair bak in the newz, prosseecuting thair cays. Problum iz, fonetik speling iz hard to standudiz, bekoz pronunseeayshun vaireez akording to reejun and clas. Or clars. So I wud say “owa” for tha wurd “our”, wairaz ova tha payj, Mykul, Minet and espeshallee Symon wud say “aaaaaahhhhhrrrr”.

It mt b bttr to dspnse with vwls almst entrly; as y cn see, its smplr to cmprhnd and nt sbjct to rgnl or dffrng scio-ecnmc fctrs. Bt wd it hlp yng ppl strgglng to rd? Trth b tld, an imbcl is an imberseel, no matter how you bloody well spell the word.

Probably by Rod Liddle in Sunday Times