Mathematics Manipulative Lab Materials List

Materials for making sets, numbers, numerals...

dot plates dominoes ten frames
flannel magnets chalkboard
yarns show me cards macaroni
poker chips flannel cut outs art foam cut outs
railroad board oak tag cut outs washers
checkers small pop beads buttons
lima beans tooth picks counters or markers
hundreds chart straws cut in small pieces golf tees
clothes pins 3 - D objects junk boxes
beaded pegs pegs rivets
balloons beads on string nut cups
popsicle sticks counting sticks abacus
place value board number name cards place value cups or boxes
cards containing sets of 1 - 10 flannel numerals art foam numerals
sand paper numeral cards numeral cards 1 - 10 set strip 1 - 10
set cards 1 - 20 set cards & number name 1 - 10 cards containing sets
set cards 1 - 10 negative numeral cards plastic numerals
numeral cards multiple set strips folded  

Materials for whole numbers and operations:

dot plates dominoes ten frames
number lines roll of adding machine tape money number line
add number facts flash cards subtraction number facts flash cards Napier’s Bones
operation signs math machine for + , - , & x dominoes
x & + grids dice operation wheels
10 strips bundles of 10, 100 Arrays

Materials for fractions:

Fraction bingo fraction strips fraction models
fraction numeral cards egg cartons fraction rummy

Materials for measurement:

comparison pictures ruler clock
measuring spoons measuring cups graph paper
real money thermometer degree wheel
calendar grid calendars directional compass

Materials for geometry:

protractor geometric shapes on cards compasses
geoboards peg boards rubber bands
string pipe cleaners straws







chalk eraser


felt pens


Materials for games:

to review




basic operation games




Dr. Robert Sweetland's notes
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