Mathematics Information Sheet

Answer each question by putting a check in the appropriate column:
Always true for me, Mostly true for me, Sometimes true for me, Not ever true for me.

  Always Mostly Some Not
Some people get pretty mixed up the first time they try something in mathematics.        
Some people can do computation problems easily, but have trouble with word problems.        
Some people have a tough time with mathematics vocabulary.        
Some people find it hard to explain what they know in mathematics.        
Some people have trouble picturing shapes, dimensions, and sizes in their mind.        
Some people can solve mathematics problems, but they do not really understand what they are doing.        
A person can memorize things in mathematics rather than understand it.        
Some people understand things in class and then later realize they didn’t get it..        
Some people think mathematics is harder than other subjects.        
It takes too long to memorize mathematics facts.        
Some people have difficulty memorizing.        
Calculators help some people learn.        
Some people forget what they are doing in the middle of a problem.        
Some people can do mathematics in their heads.        
To some people every problem looks different.        
Doing things in the right order is one of the hardest things in mathematics.        
Some people have to think about every step in mathematics        
In mathematics it can be hard to remember the names of certain shapes.        
People make mistakes because they rush.        
Some people find it hard to concentrate.        
Some people get tired when the do mathematics.        
Some people think there are too many little details in mathematics.        
It can be very hard to get started in mathematics.        
Some people have no idea how to estimate for an answer.        
It is hard to get started in mathematics.        
Some people find it boring to check mathematics. problems.        
Some people do well in mathematics sometimes and then don't at other times.        
Some people have trouble figuring what to do first.        
Some people can’t think of new things to try to solve a problem.        
Some people find it hard to know what is important and what isn’t in problems.        
Mathematics makes some people very stressed.        
Some people mess up in mathematics because they get nervous.        
Doing mathematics makes some people feel dumb.        
There are people that feel they are so far behind in mathematics that they can never catch up.        
It’s possible to be unlucky in mathematics.        

If there is anything else you would like to tell me, please do below.


Dr. Robert Sweetland's notes