Beaded Necklace challenge


Identify the perfect beaded necklace and make one of your own.

Materials: work sheet, beads, needles, and jewelry string

A perfect bead necklaces.

Repeats around the whole necklace so there is no one starting or stopping point.

Perfect beaded necklaces:

Not perfect beaded necklaces:


Which of these are perfect beaded necklaces?

Necklace examples

Design a perfect necklace and draw one in each box:

Necklace design work sheet

Select one of your designs and make your perfect necklace.




Try this challenge:

A jeweler wants to know how many different necklaces can be made according to the following conditions.

Necklaces the jeweler would like:

Necklaces the jeweler would not like:

How many necklace patterns can you find the jeweler would like?



Dr. Robert Sweetland's notes
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