Goal Setting Activity for Teaching

Consider the following paragraph and the purpose of school and
teaching as training and education.

The Australian aborigine has survived for more than 20,000 years in a desolate environment. Their survival depends on their ability to transmit knowledge from the old to the young. How to act in any situation is taught in a traditional sometimes ritualistic manner with any suggestion for change rejected. Teaching in this manner makes sense for survival in an unchanging environment. We live in an environment that is continually changing; what kind of education is required for our children to survive?

Ideas generated with this activity should be consistent with a conceptual framework and philosophy. However, this activity is designed to identify more specific goals to focus on for current reflection and professional development.

Conceptual Framework & philosophy


This list was developed to begin an inquiry into teaching. However, it is worthwhile to revisit from time to time to celebrate our professional development.


Dr. Robert Sweetland's notes
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