Metacognition ideas for reflection and self assessment

Suggestions or thinking starters


  1. What I learned or completed successfully __
    What can I redo, think about more, or try differently __
  2. What I first thought was __
  3. I was puzzled by __
  4. What convinced me additional ideas or a new or different way of understanding or procedure was or is necessary __
  5. I was surprised by __
  6. It became clear with __
    What is needed to make it become clear __
  7. The most difficult aspect was __
  8. I wish __
  9. My feelings were __
  10. My feelings now are __


  1. I would like to investigate more about __
  2. This will help in the future by __



Scoring guide or rubric

My reflection can be summarized or rated as:


Dr. Robert Sweetland's notes