Responsibilities for Micro-teaching

Teach one lesson for 15-17 minutes to a group of four or five students.

At the start of the class give a copy of your microteach lesson evaluation sheet to the professor.

Have materials organized and ready to start. Return all materials when finished.

While you are teaching three or four of your peers will be your students and also take turns with the following tasks: camera person, nonverbal evaluator, and microteach lesson evaluator.

Camera person is responsible to pick-up the camera in the office. Use the power cord as the battery will not last for all the lessons. Check the camera frequently to make sure it is recording. Most cameras have a red light that will flash. Return the camera to the office.

A copy of your final lesson plan is due at the beginning of the next class. Attach the appropriate lesson plan rubric.

A reflection of your teaching is due at the beginning of the next class.

The observers’ feedback forms will be handed to you at the beginning of the next class. You will review them and give them to the professor at the end of the class.

When it is your turn to provide observational feedback, you need to give the teacher the forms at the end of the class or immediately at the beginning of the next class.

Review your video tape and be prepared to show the class parts of your video that show the elements of the particular lesson and other aspects selected by you or asked for on the evaluation form. The length of your presentation is relative to the amount of students in the class.

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