creative thinking, divergent thinking, lateral thinking, or kicking ideas around


Originated in the 1940's in
Alex Osborn's advertising agency
to generate creative solutions.


When brainstorming:
it is usually a good idea to review a set of rules.


Such as:

Brainstorming Rules:


  1. Accept all suggestions (no criticism) or bad ideas now.
  2. Encourage creativity. The wilder the idea the better.
  3. Build on ideas. Encourage combinations, improvements, free wheeling, and hitch-hiking.
  4. Generate a large number of ideas.
  5. Everyone says their idea out loud and each writes their own ideas.
  6. Use visuals: diagrams, sketches, webs, maps,
  7. Stay focused.


The 5-10 minute period, of brainstorming is the most productive.




Dr. Robert Sweetland's notes
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