Post Puzzle Review questions

 After you have reviewed the puzzles, read and classify the following as concrete or formal operational.  Compare your answers with those of other classmates and at the bottom of the page.

1. Krystal - The Water Machine Puzzle


2. Yeati - Jo short - Jo tall Puzzle

Prediction for Jo Tall: 15 paper clips high.

Explanation: “Guess. I’m really not sure how to do this.” 

3. Trebal - Mealworm Puzzle

Light but not moisture. “When the sunlight is at one end of the box and it is dry, they all move to that one end.” 

4. Bryce - Islands Puzzle

Can’t tell from the two clues.

Explanation: No information about flights between Byll and Dyll.

Yes you can

Explanation: Just go from Cyll to Dyll and then to Byll.

Even with the additional clue you can’t tell.

Explanation: Not possible to fly from Byll to Ayll, and there is no mention of a direct flight between Cyll and Ayll. If there were, then either one would get you there.  



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  Hob's suggested answers: 1-formal or closer to formal, 2-concret or closer to concret, 3-concret or closer to concrete, 4-formal or closer to formal. Can you provide explanations to support or reject these?