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Activities and resources for vertebrates:
Mammals, reptiles amphibians, birds, & fish

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Questioning is the basis of all learning.

Animals to classify in a chart

Bingo game directions:

Print the animal names on oak tag, cut them out, put them in a manilla 4x6 envelop, have each player randomly draw a card, classify the animal on the blank Bingo card as mammal, reptile, amphibian, bird, or fish and play bingo or five in a row. Once the card is placed on the Bingo card it can not be moved. Adds a bit of suspense as some might win with four in a Bonus row. The first with five of one kind, or one of each kind, or four ... with a Bonus, wins the round.


One class I had decided they wanted everyone, at the same time, to put their envelopes behind their head, wave their drawing hand outside the envelope, and draw their cards to insure no one peeking!

Animals to print

Mammals Reptiles Amphibians Birds Fish
Blue Whale Snapping Turtle Gray Treefrog Teal Stickleback
Killer Whale Texas Horned Lizard Caecillian Falcons Sole
Gazelle Dinosaurs Sirens Ostrich Lampreys
Mole Python Bull Frog Moas Rays
13 Lined Ground Squirrel Cobra Common American Toad Elephant Bird Sturgeons
Gibbon Galapagos Tortoise Great Plains Toad Albatross Smelt
Wolves Komodo Dragon Green Salamander Trumpet Swan Anglerifish
Aardvark Leather Back Turtle Slimy Salamander Condor Flounder
Rhinoceroses Brontosaurus Leopard Frog Guinea Fowl Sharks
Monkeys Diplodocus Tiger Salamander Egrets Halibut
Guinea Pig Pterodactyls Spotted Salamander Finches King fisher
Beaver Brachiosaurus Cricket Frog Canary Mackerel
Mink Chameleon Gray Tree Frog Loons Tuna
Fox Tyrannosaurus Rex Bull Frog Roadrunners Walleye
Chinchilla Basilsks Chorus Frog Flamingos Guppy
Walruses Geckos Newts Spoonbills Sunfish
Lion Land Tortoises Narrow Mouthed Toad Storks Salmon
Tiger Coral Snake Plains Spadefoot Toucans Pike
Mouse Timber Rattlesnake   Turkey Trout
Rat Western Rattlesnake   Hawk Sardine
Bears Kingsnake   Quail Herring
Llamas Milksnake   Pheasant Cod
Apes Great Plains Skink   Sparrow Carp
Tasmanian Devil Collard Lizard   Barn Owl Eel
Camel Prairie Skink   Robin Seahorse
Elephant Mud Turtle   Turtle Dove Gobies
Horse Snapping Turtle   Sand Hill Crane  
Cattle Terrapin   Blue Heron  
Goat Coral Snake   Cranes  
Sheep Painted Turtle   Sea Gull  
Dog Crocodile   Swallows  
Cat Iguana   Penguin  
Porcupine Boa   Cuckoos  
Armadillo Alligator   Parrots  
Anteater Copperhead   Cockatoos  
Kangaroo Racer   Thrushes  
Rabbit Red Bellied Turtle   Warblers  
Dolphin Garter Snake   Meadow Lark  
Possum Trigeratops   Purple Martin  
Walleroo Cottonmouth   Wren  
Human     Mockingbird  
      Cat Bird  
      Blue Jays  
      Humming bird  
      Fruit Bat  
      Wood Duck  
      Red Headed Woodpecker  


Differences between amphibians & reptiles chart

How are reptiles & amphibians alike or different?
Alike or Different? Reptiles Amphibian
Vertebraate (sketelon inside) ▢ yes ▢ no ▢ yes ▢ no
Lays eggs ▢ yes ▢ no ▢ yes ▢ no
Eggs are shelled ▢ yes ▢ no ▢ yes ▢ no
Eggs are layed on land ▢ yes ▢ no ▢ yes ▢ no
Eggs are soft and layed in water ▢ yes ▢ no ▢ yes ▢ no
Babies look like parents ▢ yes ▢ no ▢ yes ▢ no
Babies change their look as they grow (metamorphosis) ▢ yes ▢ no ▢ yes ▢ no
Cold-blooded (ectothermic) ▢ yes ▢ no ▢ yes ▢ no
Wet skin ▢ yes ▢ no ▢ yes ▢ no
Dry skin ▢ yes ▢ no ▢ yes ▢ no
Sheds skin ▢ yes ▢ no ▢ yes ▢ no
Has scales ▢ yes ▢ no ▢ yes ▢ no
Feet has claws ▢ yes ▢ no ▢ yes ▢ no


Bingo card

Blank bingo card