Temperature and Thermometers

What temperature?

Purpose is to review and assess skill with the use of a thermometer and focus attention on collecting accurate information. Also, to become familiar with thermomom cards and see how the color changes as the temperature of the card changes and how similar and different different cards can be.


Materials: Thermocon cards or temperature cards (available from science distributors), hot and cold water, containers, and thermometer.


Change the temperature of the card until it is as green (or other color) as you can make it.


Record the temperature of the water when the card is as green as you can make it.



Share the temperatures for different groups or cards.




How similar or different are the temperatures?



What is the class average?


How would you decide if a temperature was accurate?


What amount of error would be acceptable?



What other examples of objects have you experienced that change color?







Mix hot and cold water to find what temperature will make most of the themocon card green.




Dr. Robert Sweetland's notes
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