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Relative position puzzles

Eleven relative position puzzles

Being intelligent is not having some magic formula which one can apply to every problem. It is, rather, having a number of ideas and not being as much in love with one that it cannot be dropped for another.


This activity is one of the best I have ever observed a whole class of fourth graders totally on task and cooperating for the entire time it took for every student to so

lve all the puzzles. Not just once, but every year I used it for many years.

Their focus, cooperations, and persistence in completing the was delightful to see. Additionally, later during the year, I would sometimes over hear them compare this activity to another problem to solve it with comments like. It's like those puzzles where you have to turn it around and over to find all the different ways.

Activity that uses these puzzles is included in Relative position & motion Unit & activities plan

Directions or Challenge

  1. There are 11 puzzles, each puzzle has a set of pieces that are in an envelop.
  2. You are to solve each puzzle and record your results for each puzzle on a 3x5 index card.
  3. When you complete a puzzle and card, put the card into theclass box. If there already is a card in the box for that puzzle, then you are to check your solutions with the solutions on the other card or cards, if there are more than one.
  4. If you agree with the solutions, then put a rubber band around all the cards and put them back into the box.
  5. When you complete all eleven puzzles you can read until someone comes to compare cards or until everyone has competed all ten cards.




Butterflies puzzle


Castles puzzle


Yellowsstone Park puzzle


Berry bush puzzle


Dart board puzzle


Bug City puzzle


Moon landing puzzle


Jugglers three puzzle



Page one of two...

Amusement Park Puzzle


Amuusement Park puzzle pieces



Page one of two...

Constellation Puzzle


Constellation puzzle pieces


Letter box puzzle




Use the puzzle sheet and puzzle pieces to answer the five questions and Bonus!


A - What fish can you catch with the A card on oval A?


B - What fish can you find in B with card B?


C- What letters can you find with C in C?


D - What constellation is the star you find with D in D located?


E - F - G - H - Use the matching lettered card and decode the question.

__ __ __ __

__ __

__ __ __ __

__ __ __ __ ?

Bonus ...... answer the question ... ____________________________________


Puzzle master!


Quiz puzzles

Quiz puzzles


Quiz puzzle pieces



Relative position & motion unit activities