Indoor Plant Investigation - Pepper plants
WAVELINKS 200 photonic engine 8 bar Lighting System
Updated - September 25, 2015 5:52 PM

Purpose to grow red pepper plants from seeds obtained from a pepper from last years Cayenne pepper plants.

See previous investigations linked here for results, summary, and conclusions which this investigation.

Variables changed from the first are kinds of seeds and plants, the spectrum of light and varying frequencies during the light period to simulate day time frequencies.

Selected light source based on the requirements of low power usage (25 watts), reduced heat resulting in the use of less water, focused wavelengths with light specific for the needs of plants, and being able to control different light frequencies during the illumination period.
Summary information on Plants to grow or not...

Variables and Set up

Light and Timer information

Light bars to make an 8 wave mix:image 8 bar light

  1. 2- LK2 Blue 0613
  2. 2- LK2G2 Red 3914
  3. 2- LK2G2 6000k 1814 Versa bar
  4. 2- QCWL 2500k 4113 Versa bar

Placement of bars from the outside of one side to the outside on the other side:

  1. QCWL 2500k 4113 Versa bar
  2. LK2G2 Red 3914
  3. LK2G2 6000k 1814 Versa bar
  4. LK2 Blue 0613
  5. LK2 Blue 0613
  6. LK2G2 6000k 1814 Versa bar
  7. LK2G2 Red 3914
  8. QCWL 2500k 4113 Versa bar

Light strips that turn on at 6 AM and off at noon, then turn back on at 4 PM and off at 10 PM.

  1. QCWL 2500k 4113 Versa bar
  2. QCWL 2500k 4113 Versa bar
  3. LK2G2 Red 3914
  4. LK2G2 Red 3914

Light strips that turn on at 10 AM and off at 6 PM

  1. LK2 Blue 0613
  2. LK2 Blue 0613
  3. LK2G2 6000k 1814 Versa bar
  4. LK2G2 6000k 1814 Versa bar

Total light is set for 16 hours. Turning on at 6:00 AM and off at 10:00 PM.
They over lap for a full 8 wave mix from 10 AM - noon and 4 PM -6 PM.
The Reds are situated on the far outsides to simulate the horizons, and the blues and 6k are oriented more like high noon and afternoon.

For more information on light source check these sites:

Seeds and reason for their selection

  1. Seeds were obtained from a pepper from last years Cayenne pepper plants, because the harvest was so good.

Planting pot depth and spacing

The pot is six inches tall with a soil depth of five inches and plants spaced about four inches apart.

Procedure for watering

When the seeds are first planted they are lightly watered from the top. After the first two or three days all watering is done from the bottom. The planting box or boxes sit in a larger water tight container so water is poured into the larger container. The planting box has holes in the bottom of its container so it will absorb the water in about 20 minutes (3-4 cups). Then the moisture level of the soil in the planting box is checked by inserting a finger or stick between the stems of the plants and the outside edge of the box. If the soil is dry below an inch or two, then more water is added to the water tight bottom container. If the soil is moist above an inch or more, then the remaining water is remove from the larger water container.


Fan information

Fan image


fan info 2


July 1 Day 0

Start of seedlings:

July 16 day 15


July 23 day 22


Later July

late July


Early August



Middle August



September 23



Video September 23



Conclusions so far

The cayenne pepper plants are growing very well in this environment. I feel confident it should be fairly easy to replicate similar results. Growing these varieties indoors in a planter with a soil depth of five inches and plants spaced 2-3 inches apart using the Quantum Wavelinks 200 eight wave mix lighting system to produce quality plants with numerous flowers and peppers.

Dr. Robert Sweetland's notes &