Property of Matter - Flexibility


  1. Science content
  2. Science inquiry and process
  3. Resources and materials
  4. Pedagogical ideas
  5. Definitions
  6. Activity sequence
  7. Lessons and activities detail

Major concept

Flexibility of matter as a result of attractive forces.

Properties of matter - Attractive forces in matter - Adhesion and Cohesion

Science content - what science says (enduring understanding, big ideas, generalizations)

One property of matter is the attractive forces in matter - Adhesive force, acts to hold two separate bodies together (or to stick one body to another). Cohesive force, acts to hold together like or unlike atoms, ions, or molecules in a single body. However, both forces result from the same basic properties of matter. Properties such as, surface tension in liquids (cohesion), and capillary action (combination of adhesion and cohesion). Hardness of a diamond results from a strong cohesive forces between the carbon atoms of which it is made. Friction between two solid bodies depends in part upon adhesion.

Supporting ideas from unpacking the big idea (facts, concepts, generalizations)

Science inquiry and processes - how science knows

Use of evidence and reasoning to understand interactions in our world.

Supporting ideas from unpacking the big idea

Resources and materials

Plastic bag, water, pencil, balloon, pin, oil

Pedagogical ideas

Focus questions - What makes some things stick together or not?

Exploration - plastic bag - Demonstration and questioning.

Invention -

Bridges -

Discovery, application, extension -

Value claims -


Activity sequence

Lesson and activity details

Ask what will happen when you stick the pencil in the plastic bag.

Dr. Robert Sweetland's notes