An Evidence Based Argument by Jane Nelson


From qualitative observations, it seemed appropriate to hypothesize that there is a relationship between ___________________ and_____________________.


In order to determine a mathematical relationship, data was collected and recorded in a chart or table.


A brief description of the equipment used and procedures followed are attached below.


The independent or manipulated variable was _________________________.


The variable that seems to depend upon the manipulated variable was measured.
It is called the dependent or responding variable.
This variable was ______________________.


Other variables that might affect the dependent variable and that needed to be held constant to insure that they are not the cause of any changes were __________________________________________________________.


The corresponding values of the dependent variable versus the independent variable were graphed, and a pattern was determined. (Skip the next sentence if the pattern forms a straight line.)


If the pattern forms a curve, the independent variable was __________________ __________________ so that the pattern formed a straight line. (Report if further mathematical manipulations were required.)


Once a straight-line graphical pattern formed, a four-step analysis was performed.

The equation of the straight line was translated into general physics terms.

The physical interpretation of the data was presented in the following equation. ________________________________________________________


Therefore, the hypothesis of a relationship between _______________________ and __________________________ was shown for the data collected under the controlled conditions described.


Attached are:

  1. Equipment used
  2. Procedures followed
  3. Analysis/ application questions
  4. Analysis/ application problems



Dr. Robert Sweetland's notes
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