Unified Processes and Current Electricity (grade 6)


System, order, and organization

Evidence, model, and organization

Constancy, change, and measurement

Evolution and equilibrium

Form and function




Closed circuit

System of battery, bulb, and wire


Properties of battery, bulb, and wire

Properties of electricity.

Scale of electricity and bulb/battery/wire system.

Structure of battery, bulb, and wire system

Interaction of bulb, battery, and wire system.

Observational data and reasoning to explain interactions

All groups systems work the same.

Brightness of bulb can vary with different bulbs and strength of battery

Constancy of the bulb, battery, and wire system.

Change of electricity to light.

Change in amount of electricity in the system over time.

Change in the amount of light produced in time

Transfer of energy from electricity to heat to light.

Conservation of energy.

Shape, material, and organization of different parts determine how the battery, bulb, and circuit work.

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