Unified Processes and Properties of Seeds (grade 4)


System, order, and organization

Evidence, model, and organization

Constancy, change, and measurement

Evolution and equilibrium

Form and function





Properties of seeds.

Properties of environmental factors.

Scale of seed as a whole, individual parts, and cellular changes.

System of seed.

System of plant.

System of seed and environmental factors.

Interaction of seed and environmental factors.

Constancy of seeds.

Constancy of plants.

Constancy of environmental factors.

Change of seeds.

Change of seed to plant (germination).

Change of seed and plant and environmental factors.

Flow of materials through seeds.

Flow of materials through plants.

Energy transfer in plants.

Energy transfer for the production of food.

Energy transfer for growth.

Texture and coating of seed determines the seeds absorption rate.

Size of seed determines the amount of stored food.

Hardness of coat determines the seeds durability.

Structure of seed and seed parts.

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