Unified Processes and Salt Water Solutions (grade 3)


System, order, and organization

Evidence, model, and organization

Constancy, change, and measurement

Evolution and equilibrium

Form and function




Salt water solution

Properties of solids and liquid.

Scale of salt as crystal before dissolved and after dissolved in water.

System of salt and water.

System salt water solution and air.

Interaction of salt and water.

Interaction of salt water solution with air over time.

Observational data and reasoning to explain interactions

Constancy of salt over time.

Constancy of water over time.

Constancy of salt water solution over time.

Change of water in air over time

Change of salt water solution in air over time.

Flow created by differences between a greater and less concentration.

Evaporation and transfer of energy.

Structure of salt as crystal and water as liquid and both as solution.

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