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Characteristics of Quality Multicultural Literature

    1. Shows the characters as unique individuals
    2. Portrays all people as being respected for being themselves not for their outstanding abilities to gain approval
    3. Shows the characters as physically diverse
    4. Allows the reader to identify with the characters
    5. Accurately portrays culture
    6. Describes social issues and problems frankly and accurately
    7. Has problems resolved without intervention from the dominate race or culture
    8. Shows all characters as equal
    9. Glorifies all people's achievements
    10. Presents accurate events and information
    11. Describes the setting authentically
    12. Seeks to rectify historical distortions and omissions
    13. Provides legitimate dialog
    14. Void of all bias and stereotypes
    15. Author accurately identifies with or is a member of the culture portrayed
    16. Culture is portrayed multidimensionally
    17. Appropriate detail of insider perspective is provided as a natural part of the piece

Sample literature and multicultural plans

    Four activities to discuss goals or outcomes as - social studies, reading comprehension, multicultural, or literature

Quality Multicultural book list

    Quality Book List

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