ESU #1 Participants notes and Plans for
Patterns and Algebra and Data Representation, Statistics, Probability

Reflections and notes for lessons

Activities, problems, and plans


Integers - Blocks, chips, and tiles to represent positive and negative integer use in the basic operations


Pi day extravaganza by Lanette VonSeggern
Worksheet by Ray Weier
Complex Numbers
Expotential functions - Double your Pleasure
Hypothesis testing - difference between two means

> Graphing linear equations - Stories to graphs
> Bar graphs and probability with M&M's
> Pie graphs and probability with M&M's
> Best Fit Line - Elbow vs. Height, Pass the Ball
> Mean, median, mode, range, and whisker plot - How high can you JUMP - Wrestling with averages
Regression line - finding with calculator
> sin and cosine ...

Plotting points --->>> Dot plots
Box and Whisker Plot - with humans

Dice and probability - fair and unfair

Activity dice by MaryBeth Weier
Die and probability activity by Johnnie Ostermeyer
More probability stuff
Properties: Distributive
Problem solving - Two step problems
Reasoning - the locker problem
Random Samples - Random Rectangles, Rolling down the river

Activities from the HoB for - Algebra, data representation, statistics, and probability activities and problems

Pedagogy and Instructional Strategies

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