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Data Analysis & Probability

Knowledge base & tools to develop mathematical literacy

Knowledge base

The mathematical knowledge base includes concepts necessary for learners to conceptualize to become mathemtically literate and misconceptions that must be over come to be literate in geometry and spatial reasoning.

Information to facilitate literacy in data analysis & probability & tools to achieve it

Activities to facilitate data analysis & probability literacy

Data analysis



Ratio and Proportion information




Book cover

Excellent source of ideas and problems:

The Power of Logical Thinking: Easy Lessons in the Art of Reasoning... and Hard Facts About Its Absence in Our Lives.
Marilyn Vos Savant (1996) ISBN 0-312-13985-3 Saint Martin's Press: New York.

One of the universal customs that man has successfully established on earth is the
Hindu - Arabic numerals
to record numbers.

Data is just numbers. They need an explanation or theory to make it data.