Creating a Professional Educator Portfolio

The following is an outline to create a Professional Educator portfolio. The steps do not need to be followed sequentially.

Portfolio development should be based on principled procedures that describe generally what you as a professional educator believes and will do with respect to teaching in general or teaching a specific subject. Therefore, a good initial step is to find or create yours. To start it could be an outline with detailed added later. However, it is important to have a general idea what it will be when completed as the information in the portfolio will be based on it.

1. Create your principled procedures. Sample principle procedures for science, mathematics, and literature.

2. Diagram or outline the major categories for what a teacher knows and does...
--->>> science related

2. Match possible artifacts to the principled procedures.

3. For each artifact describe how it could demonstrates a strong belief and ability for each principled procedure. <-------- Don't Miss This ---- *

4. Design an organization that allows people to see the principled procedures, the type and name of artifact that demonstrates your abilities, and how and why it does. Explanations that use ideas and vocabulary in or related to your beliefs make the portfolio and your abilities stronger.

Sample 1 Chart with science principled procedures, and polka-dot for artifacts, and abilities list.

Sample 2 List of principled procedures with a chart for artifacts and abilities.

Sample 3 Electronic web based

Sample 4 Electronic in Microsoft Word

5. Write the explanations that tie the principled procedures, to the artifacts with explanations.

6. Decide how the artifacts will be organized and displayed.



Dr. Robert Sweetland's notes
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