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The mechanics of evolution are responsible for every single creature that lives on the face of the Earth; and ever has or ever will.



Orange moth

July 13, 2006
Niobrara River
Moth resting on a tent's screen window.






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* Lola Way K-8 science curriculum 1947 historical document

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Jeffrey Weld

Why is it that whenever students don't do well on a test or on particular items on a test that national news agencies that report the questions (NPR for one) not only give the questions, but feel it is necessary to provide the answers. If their listeners need the answer, why should we expect students to be able to answer it correctly?

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The sex of terrapins is determined by the temperature of the egg during its incubation. A warm temperature creates females and cooler males.

  • 95% of green, loggerhead, and leatherback turtles surveyed from 2012-1017 have been female Source
  • 99% at the Australia Great Barrier Reefare female. Source

Trivia answers:
3 grams, 4Fe + 3O2 + 6H2O → 4Fe(OH)3.
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Professional development tools for educators

Science is important for the education of all, however, it is not the only purpose of education. It is important connections between overall education and science education are strong, if we are to achieve the best outcomes for our learners. While there are many connections to the following tools, more comprehensive non specific science information is located in the pedagogy section.

Science & science education

Consider the worldview you communicate. Source
Ecological world view image Human centered world view image

Intended learnings

Nature of science

An overview of the nature of science is illustrated in the map, near by. The articles below explore it and its different dimensions in different ways. Enjoy!

Science map

Learners - development of scientific literacy as intended learning


Unpacking intended learnings for science literacy

Tools to identify big ideas, generalizations, standards, benchmarks, concepts, facts ...

Unpacking to combine contectual areas

Planning that brings together intended learnings & educational strategies

Instructional methods & models, & strategies to faciliate science literacy

General teaching model ------- General Planning - pedagogy page.

Inductive teaching model -

Plans & materials to guide teaching & learning

The Investigations page has lists of activities, lessons, unit, & packets for to facilitate science literacy. Resources below are provided for planning and professional development.

Sample plans

Assorted planning resources

Year curriculums

* Lola Way K-8 science curriculum 1947 historical document


Assessment and evaluation tool

Instructional assessment to evaluate instruction or facilitation of student learning

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