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sites for eduators, parents, students, and
curriculum developers 

Organizations that promote science & engineering
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National Science Teacher’s Association
Membership, teacher resources, science store, science news, resources for students, parents, administrators
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Project 2061 Publications

C urriculum Resources
  • Science for All Americans
  • Benchmarks
  • Atlas of Science Literacy
  • Designs for Science Literacy
  • Earlychildhood information
  • Resources for Science Literacy
  • New middle school project
site iconNational Science Education Standards
Online version of Standards
site iconThe Smithsonian Science Education Center

  • building awareness for STEM education among school leaders
  • supporting the professional growth of K-12 STEM teachers and school leaders
  • developing exemplary standards-aligned curriculum materials for K-12 classrooms, including our comprehensive K-8, research-based science curriculum program: Smithsonian Science for the Classroom and Smithsonian Science and Technology Concepts for Middle School (STCMS)
  • developing free digital resources for youth
  • conducting STEM Education for Sustainable Development (STEM4SD) outreach programs throughout the world through our Smithsonian Science for Global Goals project
  • engaging in research
site iconNebraska Association of Teachers of Science
Professional science educator organization for Nebraska.
Most notable for their fall conferences
site iconMid-continent Research for Education and Learning
Standards, Resources, Programs, Products, Services
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Electronic Journal of Science Education

The Electronic Journal for Research in Science & Mathematics Education

  • Peer reviewed
  • Sponsor - International Consortium for Research in Science & Mathematics Education (ICRSME).
  • Science & mathematics education
  • Science & mathematics teacher education
  • Informal science & environmental education
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National Science Foundation

  • Presidential Awards
  • Grants
  • Project links
  • Education community links
  • Instructional materials and
  • Implementation sites
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Integrating Mathematics and Pedagogy (IMAP)

San Diego State University
site iconNational Center for Science Educators

Supporter of evolution in schools
Articles on evolution, creationism, advocacy groups, and Panda resources
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National Smithsonian Institute Education Center

Many many many resources. Did I say many?
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National Science Digital Library

Middle school portal, math and science portal...
Heck's Physics image

Heck's Physics

Richard Heckathorn's Physic's Materials

  • Operation Physics - Grades 4-9
  • Conceptual Physics - High School
  • Honors Physics - High School
  • P.S.S.C. Self-Paced Physics - High School
  • & more ...

The study of Physics is nothing more than investigating the world around you and letting it talk back.

Ask a scientist

  • Space Scientist (Astronomer) Space science information, archives of past questions sorted by topic
  • MAD Scientist Network More than 250 scientists from around the world answer questions. The site also allows students to perform online activities, research, and FAQs archive
  • WhaleNet Research scientists with the Whale Conservation Institute of Wheelock College, Boston, will answer questions about whales. Hundreds of questions from other users have been archived on this site



Environmental Organizations

to research for ideas, examples, and possibly partners.

Learning in Places logoA collaborative network of educators, families, and community partners working to cultivate equitable, culturally thriving, socio-ecological systems learning and ethical decision-making using activities to immersing learners in outdoor, field-based science, including gardens, for children in pre-kindergarten to 3rd grade and their families, and other opportunities for learners to wrestle with issues of socio-ecological justice such as food sustainability and water usage.
Florida Natural Museum scans icon

Florida Natural history museum

Scientists CT scans of thousands of natural history specimens, which you can access for free.

iconAudubon Society bird bird watching information
The Nature Conservancy iconThe Nature Conservancy was founded in 1951 as a global environmental nonprofit to work to create a world where people and nature can thrive. It has grown to a world-wide environmental organizations with millions of members, a staff of over 400 scientists, working in 75 countries and territories.
Site includes sories and resources about what they do … see one story about climate change solutions in Nebraska
The Wilderness Society iconThe Wilderness Society unites people to protect America’s wild places. See examples of what and how they protect areas of wilderness.
World Wildlife iconWWF (World Wildlife Fund) is a world leading conservation organization, which has worked for over 60 years in nearly 100 countries to help people and nature thrive.
See examples …
National Parks Conservation Association icon. National Parks Conservation Association is a site to find information on America’s national parks. How they work to protect and preserve them now and for today’s and future generations.
Freshwater iconFreshwater organization is a public nonprofit organization with information and resources to preserve waterways and their surrounding watersheds. Includes information fro local cleanup and preservation.
National Wildlife Federation iconRanger Rick icon The National Wildlife Federation Includes Ranger Rick publications, products, and activities that inspire lifelong connections with wildlife and wild places.
See it’s section on How to turn your yard into a certified wildlife habitat.
Arbor Day Foundation iconArbor Day Foundation includes information to inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees. See how to get free trees …


Bird Count Great backyard bird count. Audubon & Cornell University


icon Whale Net Whale Conservation Institute of Wheelock College in Boston. Archived questions and answers about whales and whale statistics.
garden guides imageGarden guides the Encyclopedia of Plants, Flowers and the Plant and Garden Store
icon Teacher resources plus more.
The North American Association for Environmental Education is a network of professionals and students working to promote a healthy sustainable environment through education.



Earth science: weather, space, ..

to research for ideas, examples, and possibly partners.

icon Alder Planetarium & Astronomy Museum astronomy education, sky eye cam, and
icon Earth and Sky Online an interactive site with excellent links and access to scientific communication and Tonight's SKY, based on a daily science radio series.
icon IntellicastWeather reports
icon National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration national weather service warnings, forecasts, maps, radar, and satellite with current and historical weather data and education center
image space.comSpace.com Information on our solar system and your space. Photos, movies, games, ask experts, teachers, missions, news, and awards.
icon U.S. Geological Survey Learning Web Activities and resources for students, teachers, and explorers. Earth hazards, water, plants, animals, maps and images, rocks and images, real-time info. ecosystems, and natural resources
United States Geological Services iconUSGS (United States Geological Services) up to date earthquake information
iconNational Aeronautics and Space Association Educational Resources, NASA for Kids, and much more
NASA - build your own spacefleet: patterns for NASA space vehicles.
icon The Weather Channel Weather forecasts, maps, and weather's connections to life.

Mission to Mars unit - Designing and building a mission to Mars with a guided education plan and resources from NASA, join in live stream Q&As with experts, and share student work with a worldwide audience.

icon Sky and Telescope Magazine current data on the sky, photos, and news clips
icon Audubon Society bird bird watching information


Scale of the Universe Video



Sites with learning activities
Live science icon Science and Technology Web Site: science news and more


Frank Potter's Science Gems Links to science activities arranged by topic and grade level


icon Oregon Museum of Science and Industry Educator resources


Elink North American Association for Environmental Education - Environmental resources and class projects online


icon Science and Mathematics Initiative for Learning Enhancement Lessons for elementary and middle school in chemistry, biology, physics, earth science, and mathematics.
Enabling the future imageEnabling The Future A Global Network Of Passionate Volunteers Using 3D Printing To Give The World A "Helping Hand."
icon An Interactive Learning Experience Building blocks, mechanics, waves, optics, E&M, Astronomy, Life science, Fun and games. Many articles and projects
icon Curriculum research links for example see one about plants
icon Ask a scientist, kids corner, teacher's place, science search, science network, standards and framework
icon FunBrain.com Site for K-8 kids, parents, and teachers. Games and quizzes
icon Jason Foundation Interactive live laboratory real science, real time, real learning. Requires membership...


Science 4 Kids - USDA - Agricultural research service. Food, clothes, water. Many activities


icon Global School Net Foundation for internet based environmental education. Free for all educators
icon Wonderwise at University of Nebraska - Lincoln
icon Amusement Park Physics Annenberg CPB exhibits include design your own roller coaster
icon University of Nebraska Department of Physics and Astronomy Football Physics with Dr. Tim Gay
icon The Great Plant Escape University of Illinois Extension A plant growth adventure.
icon Howard Hughes Medical Institute Cool Science for Curious Kids. Air junk, Build your own salad, butterfly's life cycle, microscope
iconMolecular Workbench - simulations for a range of events.


US Dept of Education Archived information for parents and teachers



Edmund J. Sass, Ed.D. Science Lesson Plans and resources



Hands on Technology Program Many activities


icon PBS Online Science Educational activities and resources associated with PBS television programs


Eskimo.com K-12 Science and Educational Resources


icon Discovery School.com science fair central how to get started, ideas ...
icon BBC learning resources for schools
icon Simply Science many links for kids, teachers, and parents
icon Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and innovation Inventions for kids cool projects, videos, and puzzles. Smithsonian
icon The San Franciso Exploratorium Museum Many interactive science activities. Frogs, snakes, cows eye dissection, light walk, memory, structors, online exhibits, science explorer......
Chaco Canyon ancient observatory Sun-Earth Connection. The celestial alignments in the ancient buildings in Chaco Canyon with modern solar research, blending a sense of place, with science, art, and culture.Great activities for elementary: straws and pins, garden poles, clay bridges,paper bridges, newspaper bridges, Cylinders and scale, clay beams and columns, skewers and garden poles
icon The Smithsonian Science education center: Science engineering and concepts program engineered for sucess. Program learning framework. Lessons, media catalog, field trips, resource bank Art, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts
Or - Smithsonian homepage
icon Windows to the Universe Space and Earth science


Hands-on Science Centers Worldwide Links to public museums that emphasize interactive science education.


icon The GLOBE Program A hands-on education and science program Projects with opportunity to collect and share data worldwide
icon Tryscience Field trips, adventures, and experiments
icon Teach-nology interactive activities for students
icon Periodic Table of Elements Los Alamos National Laboratory's Chemistry Division Presents: an interactive periodic table of elements with a multitude of related information.
icon Scholastic Publishing Company sources for famillies, kids, and Teachers
icon "Surfing the Net with Kids" columnist Barbara J. Feldman.

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