Development of Scientific Ideas and Reasoning - Tool Box


This page is a directory to information to explore the development of scientific ideas and reasoning. It includes background information with samples of interactions, discrepant events, and activities to use to explore and facilitate the development of concrete and formal operational reasoning.

Background information

Reflective analysis of student development to their responses in activities

  • Science journals for an - Aquarium terrarium investigation - focuses on teacher's notes of student responses as - observational evidence for reasonable inferences for the student activity - Build a terrarium and aquarium system and record what happens ...
  • Using information from interviews of preschoolers to science literate adults to map the development for the understanding Magnetism.
  • Student discussion about - Reproduction of moths and butterflies.

Discrepant activities with student responses and developmental analysis

Discrepant Activities - no responses and no developmental explanations







Dr. Robert Sweetland's notes
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